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JerboaCASE: Case Management for City Councillors

A Councillor's office budget needs to be stretched as far as it can go. Anything that can reduce the amount of time staff spend managing your relationship with your constituents results in real savings of their most important resource — their time.

JerboaCASE is designed to help your staff manage your key workflows:

  • Log incoming phonecalls and emails.
  • Schedule, assign and track interactions with constituents.
  • Track complex issues from beginning to end, including communications with city staff in one location.
  • Manage staff assignments and deadlines in one place.

Jerboa offers an out-of-the-box solution that addresses the most pressing demands in your office. By leveraging opensource software we can build additional tools that are specific to your needs.

JerboaCASE also includes the full power of Drupal and CiviCRM. As open source software these features are available to you for free, without licensing costs:

Feature Overview

  • Blog - help residents stay informed by publishing your communications online.
  • Bulk email - keep in touch with your ward and let Jerboa handle bounces and unsubscribes for you.
  • Surveys and forms - ask your constituents for their opinion in a structured manner.
  • Case Management - keep track of every issue, schedule follow-ups, never lose track of your residents' concerns.
  • 311 import - automatically import daily 311 report spreadsheets.
  • Personal Information Authorization - record time and date of personal information authorizations on a per-case level.
  • Multi-lingual website - just like ottawa.ca, your website can provide English and French content seamlessly.
  • Customized modules - Jerboa is happy to support any existing Drupal modules you want to you, or create one for you.
  • No per-user licencing fees.


Jerboa Consulting offers very competitive pricing for JerboaCASE.

  • NO per-user licensing fees.
  • NO software licencing fees.
  • NO hardware or capital costs.

JerboaCASE is offered on a fully managed basis. For an affordable subscription fee Jerboa hosts your secure, independent installation of JerboaCASE. There are no up-front subscription costs and you may cancel your service at anytime.


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